Time To Take It Easy

Here are the pictures from our sixth ultrasound visit.

UltraSound Picture#1
Here we see Baby A laying on her side facing us. Her heartrate was strong and she was moving around but she sat still long enough for us to take this photo of her.

UltraSound Picture#2
Here is a side profile of Baby B. She was moving around a lot too. They have both been fairly active.
For this ultrasound we were expecting to see Julie's cervix be about the same as it was last time; however, we found that it had gotten much worse. It went from 2 cm to .8 cm. The doctor ordered Julie to the hospital where she had to spend the rest of the day at about a 20 degree head downward tilt. Later that evening, the doctor attempted to put a stitch in her cervix to hold it closed, but he was unable to do so. Right now it looks like Julie will remain in the hospital for the remainder of the pregnancy. She is in her twentieth week of pregnancy. Most twins come at about 36 weeks which means Julie will probably be in the hospital for 16 weeks. That's if the babies don't come way early. Please pray for us and the babies. Thanks and may God bless you and yours.

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