Cervix Not Cooperating

Here are the pictures from our fifth ultrasound visit.
Here is Baby A (on the right) and actually Baby B is trying to sneak into the picture as you can see the top of her head on the left. We did not get measurements this time but the technician was able to get the data she needed that could not be obtained last time because Baby A was not cooperating very much.
UltraSound Picture#1
This is Baby B. The heart rates this time were 136 and 150 bpm (I don't remember which was which - I have a feeling that's going to happen a lot over the years).
UltraSound Picture#2
Well, Julie's cervix is not cooperating very much. It has gone from 3 cm to just over 2 cm and we are going for another ultrasound Monday. The doctor told us to bring an overnight bag and be prepared to stay as it is very possible that he will need to stitch the cervix to prevent it from opening further. It is possible, however, that some blood is trying to get discharged and that if it does discharge, the cervix will close back up. This would be a much better scenario. Please pray for us and may God bless you.

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