I'm out-numbered!

Our fourth ultrasound visit turned out to be very enlightening - both good and bad. First the good stuff: We are having two girls! I am out-numbered 4 to 1 if you include the dog! Here are the pictures:
The babies have grown big enough that it is not possible to get them both in one shot. Here is a picture of Baby A. This is a good profile of her head. Her heart rate was 142 beats per minute and her size indicates that her deliverly date would be April 26. The official due date is April 25 so I guess she is trying to procrastinate a little! She was moving all over the place while the technician was trying to get measurements.
UltraSound Picture#1
This is Baby B. You can clearly see the head and her upper body. Her heart rate was 144 beats per minute and her size indicates that her due date would be April 24. Since the official due date is April 25, I guess she is going to be the impatient one! She also was moving all over the place but the technician was able to get all the measurements and we could see the four chambers of her heart as well.
UltraSound Picture#2
Now for the bad news. It looks like Julie has an incompetent cervix (that's the term the doctor used) that is trying to open up too soon. She has 3 cm of cervix still in proper position, but if it gets down to 2 cm, then she is suppose to head straight for the hospital. This condition puts us at an even higher risk of premature labor, so please pray for Julie and the babies. One benefit to this bad news is that we get to do the ultrasounds on a weekly basis for a while (more pictures!). It is really neat to see the babies moving around on the monitor. It is amazing what detail you can see. Thanks for stopping by and may God bless you and yours.

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