We're Growing!

Here are the pictures from our third ultrasound visit. This was somewhat of an impromptu visit because Julie had some bleeding that shook us up pretty good. So we called the doctor and got to get another ultrasound a little sooner than expected. Fortunately, everything looked good and the babies are alive and kicking, literally! Julie can not feel them kicking yet, but we saw them kick with the ultrasound. (How do you see with sound???)

UltraSound Picture#1
Here is a picture of both babies. The babies are not oriented the same so all this picture shows is the abdomins. There wasn't any way to get full bodies of both babies in the same picture. Since the babies are oriented opposite of each other, one is always upside down! (or maybe they could both be laying down, but they would both be smelling the other's feet all the time.) You can see the legs on the baby on the left or maybe those are arms (I'm not good enough to tell the difference yet - maybe after a few more ultrasound visits, I'll get the hang of it).

UltraSound Picture#2
This is Baby A. This may not be the same baby A as in the other pages, but then again, it might be. Baby A now measures 14 weeks exactly. This is a little bit ahead of schedule, but the doctor says the utlrasound measurements are not extremely accurate. Baby A had a heart rate of 150 beats/sec which we got to hear today. This adds another dimension to our pregnancy experience (ok, I may not exactly be pregnant, but it's my experience too! :) ).

UltraSound Picture#3
This is Baby B who now measures 14 weeks and 2 days. The heart rate for Baby B was 156 beats/sec. These measurements were taken with the ultrasound. When we got to the doctor's office after the ultrasound, the doctor used a small doppler device to check the heart rates. Apparently they had settled down a bit from all the poking around with the original ultrasound because their heart rates were 128 beats/sec and 140 beats/sec. The doctor said that their heart rates would jump around a bit, but he said they sounded good.

UltraSound Picture#4
We are not sure which baby this is. We aren't able to tell them apart yet. I hope this doesn't make us bad parents! These pictures are not as good as we got to see on the monitor. We actually got to see their faces and could clearly see the head, body, arms and legs. We could see their spines and leg and arm bones too. I'm amazed at the detail that is already there and what you can see through the lens of ultrasound.
Thanks for stopping by and checking in on us. May God bless you.

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