It's Still Twins!

Here are the pictures from our second ultrasound visit:

UltraSound Picture#1
This shows the two babies. Baby A now measures at 8 weeks and 3 days. Baby B now measures at 8 weeks and 1 day. The doctors are happy with the growth of both babies! Thanks for your prayers. Baby B, however, appears to have a bigger yolk sack than the doctors would like to see which they said could be a potential problem. So once again, your prayers would be appreciated. Come on Baby B, you can do it!

UltraSound Picture#2
Another shot of both babies. Although you can't see it in these pictures, we were able to see the heart beating in each baby. The doctors said that both babies had strong heartbeats.

UltraSound Picture#3
This is Baby A and is now 18.9mm long. The head is on the left (I think) and the rear on the right. You can see an arm budding out on the top. Baby A's heart rate was 164 beats/sec.

UltraSound Picture#4
This is Baby B and is now 16.8mm long. He/she is still standing straight up and is looking straight at us. You can see the arms forming on either side. Baby B's heart rate was 172 beats/sec.
We have been trying for several years to get pregnant and we praise God for the gifts He has blessed us with. We thank all of you who have prayed with us and for us.

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